Bronxcoursing: A Breathing Landscape

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Submitted by

Ryan Lovett and Alan Lu, University of California, Berkeley
Los Angeles, CA


Bronxcourse is a ribbon of new development and restored historical buildings that features a radically new kind of flexibility in land usage. Hinged upon the definition of concourse as ‘the action of coming together,’ Bronxcourse promotes a coming together of natural, economic, and social forces into an integrated ever-changing landscape.


We centralize our concept on the definition of concourse as the action of coming together. In this regard, the grand concourse is not just a physical stretch of road, but an attitude of openness and transparency. It becomes a way of perceiving and embracing the diversity of the Bronx, seeking to re-engage people with each other and their environment.

The Concourse for the next 100 years needs to address the larger issues that caused the problems that the Grand Concourse of the last 100 years endured, predominately revolving around an inability to adapt to major shifts in the way our economy, and thus our society, functions.

As a result we propose a new kind of flexibility of land usages that promotes a coming together of natural, economic, and social forces into an integrated constantly changing new landscape. The result is a revised vision of the original 1908 plan for the concourse, suggesting that instead of serving as vehicle for an escape from the urban environment, the new concourse acts as the mediator between a restored natural ecology and more flexible urban environment.