B.ronx L.inear O.rographic C.ircuit

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Submitted by

Spyridon Andrikou, University of Rome
Athens, Greece


B.l.o.c. simply proposes the inhabitation of the two parallel friezes of the Grand Concourse and their mutation into an artificial inhabitated “sierra” which, including multiple systems, establishes a symbiotic relation between the street and the urban web by putting them together into a linear multiple, orographic meta-circuit.


This is a project that aims to turn the Grand Concourse into a meta-circuit of multiple functions and to establish a new territorial dialogue between the road, the urban web, the residents and their activities as well as the natural elements. The phisical part of the project concerns the “colonizing” of the friezes between the central and the side lanes. A line, and in the same time a surface, waves up and down, defining space around it. The “mountains” and “valleys” of this artificial “sierra” develop along the grand concourse proposing uses and relations for public space. The sequence of all sections of b.l.o.c. builds a grand promenade that includes green spaces throughout its length as well as spaces for cultural and sports use, cycle-paths and playgrounds. Under the “mountains” of b.l.o.c. at several parts in contact with the street parking places are built. The circuit has an energy production system of photovoltaic panels that are installed in different points (with favorable orientation) but mostly on the sloping screens of the bridges, oriented towards south so that the energy need of the circuit is fully covered. At the points where “valleys” appear, b.l.o.c. introduces the liquid element into Bronx’s urban web. Trees and all the vegetation volume, besides its fuction as a soundscreen, works in combination with the water zones, creating shadows and chilling the air during the hot mounths of the year and thus improving inhabitants’ living conditions. B.l.o.c. helps the expansion of biodiversity by creating migrating green pathways.