The Grand[er] Concourse: grander, greener, graffiti-ed

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Submitted by

Eugene Kwak, Dattner Architects; Austin Tragni; Phanat Xanamane
New York, NY


This proposal establishes a bike-intensive and pedestrian-friendly infrastructural network connecting existing public transit and park systems. It provides new spaces and opportunities for commercial, housing, recreational, and cultural activities along an expansive stretch in the Bronx, which will be sustainable over the next 100 years and beyond.


Goals for Concourse and the Bronx

Grander—a multi-scalar urban strategy physically and programmatically transcends the scale of operation of the current boulevard, broadening the reaching impact of the concourse to the scale of surrounding borough, city, and region.

Greener—build upon existing efforts to provide more park space and green-collar jobs, by installing a landscape strategy which invigorates new economy and produces environmental benefits that improve public health.

Graffiti-ed—graffiti art repositions itself as a public amenity to residents and visitors. A program to support this unique art-form to find a productive role through this proposal as contextual information devices and way-finding signage.

Overall Design Philosophy

Establish programs to promote sustainable Bronx initiatives. Cultivate existing cultural and social character of the Bronx. Expand the reach of sustainable activities by physically and programmatically connecting with large-scale urban networks.

Physical Features
Graffiti Art and Way-finding System—graffiti art programs promote local artists and make the public aware of cultural institutions, history, public health issues, pollution, and transit stops in the area.

Sky Nurseries—rooftops re-adapted as reforestation nurseries. Building facades are fitted with vertical gardens that improve air/water quality, hamper vandalism, and provide food.

Peeling Paths—elevated bike and pedestrian paths undulate along the entire stretch of the concourse and weave through the neighborhood blocks, buildings, streets and rooftops, creating a connection between transit nodes.

Commercial Concourse Insertion—reclaim interstitial and infrastructural spaces to meet the commercial and recreational demands of a growing area by "peeling" layers of underutilized spaces to reveal dynamic programmatic and sectional juxtapositions.