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Submitted by

Jason Austin and Aleksandr Mergold, Austin+Mergold LLC
Philadelphia, PA


NYC is committed to sustainable energy - the windmill sails have always been on the City Seal. Let’s make them spin and generate local clean power. And let’s celebrate this process and make it a new monument for the city – the Grand Resource.


We propose to install an array of open-structure towers supporting powerful (but silent) wind-turbines along the whole stretch of the Grand Concourse. This newest New York monument is a clean-energy generating facility. Like New York’s past monuments the Grand Resource will reflect needs and aspirations of its time – today we need local clean energy sources that are both functional and symbolic, that will generate energy and pioneer and promote the concept of large scale alternative energy plants in a metropolis.
The Grand Resources will provide sustainable energy for the needs of the City and be an example to the rest of the country and the world. The Bronx will be put on the global map as a leader in sustainable energy generation. The Grand Resource – the newest, largest, most relevant, and most needed of New York’s monument will enter the pantheon of local legends – like the statue of Liberty, Empire state Building and the George Washington Bridge – and will attract countless visitors to New York City from all over the world.

Locally, the Grand Resource will support the bustling cultural scene in the Bronx. The open-diagrid turbine towers will support an elevated infrastructure of gardens, cafes and observation decks (not unlike the High Line in Manhattan). This infrastructure will separate pedestrians from traffic below and around while still maintaining visual contact with the architectural monumental heritage of the old Grand Concourse.

The City Seal will also become meaningful again – 400 years later, the sails of a Dutch windmill will have become instrumental in shaping of the future of New Amsterdam.