A Human Concourse

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Submitted by

Caleb Buland
Kansas City, MO


This proposal suggests an invigorated street level and green boulevard above, designed specific to the human needs and scale of its resident users. This green boulevard would supplement the everyday experience on the Grand Concourse by bringing gardens, comfortable meeting points, and enhanced activities to the center of the city.


This proposal creates a stacked green boulevard along the Grand Concourse with an invigorated street level that includes green charging stations and harvestable crop landscaping. The new green boulevard above would bridge between parks, with bike paths and walkways it is specifically designed for pedestrians. The new green boulevard is conceived as a place where different residents can interact in very different ways from everyday life. They can grow small gardens, have business meetings in small plazas, and enjoy outdoor activities and sports. This is a spine through the district and would reach down to the busy street and bring residents up into a hybrid of park, school or office, and garden to create a calm and safe place that connects people. Constructed of carbon fiber and translucent concrete, such a project would bring residents to a bright and pedestrian place to be a modern vision for the future that connects the people and history of the Grand Concourse.