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Submitted by

Dylan Sauer, Moises Berrun, Quang Truong
Brooklyn, NY


This proposal imagines an open, flexible infrastructure dedicated to expanding the urban potential of the Grand Concourse. The infrastructural network provides an array of uses for residents of the area, embracing both lo- and hi- technology strategies.


The urban realm has long been a zone of opportunistic invention.  The furnishings of the city, whether officially employed or placed by chance, are bound to assume a multivalent identity.  A stop sign becomes a secure place to lock a bike. A lamp-post becomes a public message-board. Steps become seating.

This submission revels in the possibilities of use (and misuse) of objects by the public. We envision an infrastructural network designed to introduce manifold public possibilities, some yet to be imagined, to the residents of the Grand Concourse and the Bronx.

This infrastructural network is comprised of tall metal cylinders, which will support a series of specific functions:  ambient lighting, structural column, wi-fi node, power outlet, attached seating / step. A compact series of solar cells is configured into the top of the pole to power soft lighting at night, in addition to provisional power for the outlet near the base.

Albeit a modest intervention, the power outlets will generate activity by allowing the public to plug in devices - projectors for public screenings, lamps for vendors, or speakers for music, in addition to being able to charge a laptop and access the internet. Finally, simple rings are installed into the upper portion of the pole, inviting tarps to be hung for markets, or festival lights, banners and other pieces to be strung between poles. This mutual support of lo- and hi-technology is meant to engender new combinations of traditional public activities with technology- and media-oriented events.