Point by Point Development for the Grand Goncourse Finalist

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Submitted by

Christopher Ryan, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA


Existing points of interest along the Grand Concourse can be reinforced with additional program elements, and new centers of activity created by adding new attractions. Point by point development will fill in gaps over time, connecting the entire Grand Concourse over time, updating traffic patterns along the way.


This proposal is focused on creating a unified Grand Concourse over time, using a point by point development strategy. The center strip of the Grand Concourse will be replaced with programed elements, specific to the locations, and catering to the surrounding neighborhoods. Initial developments will be connected by smaller areas of interventions that will fill in the gaps between larger, and more involved development areas. As the new development happens, traffic patterns can be reworked to more successfully integrate cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Specific areas along the Grand Concourse, such as the Kilmer Park/ Lou Gehrig Plaza area that are adjacent to Yankee Stadium can include more architectural interventions with new, small scale buildings and boardwalks that can be space to relax on game days, and be a park otherwise.

Additional elements not shown could include almost anything that is needed in the different neighborhoods along the grand concourse, such as: Handball Courts, Roller Hockey Rinks, Children’s Playgrounds, Sitting Parks/ Lunchtime Parks, Basketball Courts, Public Pools, and Energy Production Farms.

The focus of each development will be based on addressing neighborhood requests for specific activity centers. Production of energy could include PV panels, small wind turbines, and hot water vacuum tubes that can make these developments self sufficient, and potentially supply energy for the surrounding neighborhoods.