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Submitted by

Trevor Lee and Chris Landau
Philadelphia, PA


NEXOS are connections, points of origin that act as collectors or accumulators of people, events, rainwater, wind energy, media and human interaction. The Nexos waypoints guide activities and interactions. Each Nexos uses wind turbine technologies to fuel media architecture that provide community, cultural and interactive communication.


We’ve employed advanced wind turbine technologies, ecological corridors, rainwater harvesting systems, media architecture and cultural and pedestrian landscapes to develop the Concourse into an active and engaging corridor to serve the citizens of the Bronx. We have created salient landmarks and highly unique pedestrian experiences. At the same time we give the current residents of the area top priority. We wish to do this by generating jobs, enforcing the presence of educational institutions, and creating space for public cultural activities.

Our design is composed of four "Nexos" or connections. Each Nexos serves a number of communities.

The Graffiti Park forms the Northern threshold of the Concourse and includes large walls for painting, a new museum; The American Institute of Graffiti, a large membrane of fins that collect energy when stimulated by the wind, and large maglev wind turbines.

The Media Greenhouse is composed of a green shade canopy, a maglev wind turbine, media cafe and media walls, and extended pedestrian zones.

The Farm includes large open structures that are used to grow and sell food and flowers, as well as create micro-climates for comfortable public gathering.

The Stage forms the southern threshold of the Concourse. It contains a media wall and an energy producing, shade gathering wind turbine. Together with a reoriented pedestrian path system that combine to fuel an interactive and fluid landscape of events and activities most notably the bi-annual fashion show.