monumental LOCALITY

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Submitted by

Richard Gluckman, Robert White, Filipa Tomaz, Taylor Aikin, Edowa Shimizu,and Michael Vanreusel, Gluckman Mayner Architects
New York, NY


To fully realize its identity as a concourse, the Grand Concourse must be embraced by adjacent communities as usable and malleable space. Local conditions establish the Concourse as monumental: a single continuous space, albeit fractured, variegated and vital.


The Grand Concourse occupies an important place in the Bronx’s physical, historical and civic landscape and should help define, and be defined by, adjacent institutions and communities. As a common amenity available from 138th street to the Mosholu Parkway, the Concourse has the potential to galvanize identity and create a sense of place.
The intersections and sidewalks of the Grand Concourse are already a stage independent of the Concourse’s role as a transportation axis. While deliberate zoning has provided for continuity, the diverse intersections and conditions existing along the Concourse should be revealed. Interventions should be attentive to transitions from pedestrian to vehicular zones, providing the corridor with space that can be appropriated for various activities.
A continuous framework for intervention, informed by singularities of various segments along the street, would provide adjacent neighborhoods with critical outlets while also improving the experience of the Concourse and giving the people and institutions of the Bronx a common ground.