Live Wired Third Prize

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Submitted by

Angus McCullough
Brooklyn, NY


Live Wired is a socio-urban plan enacted using audio-visual technology. A connected web of speakers, mics, projectors and cameras creates an open source infrastructure for the thriving community of the Concourse.


"Live Wired" is an audio-visual nervous system for the Grand Concourse, using nodes to weave the long, thin boulevard into a tight-knit web of interaction, re-organizing the programs on the concourse into closer proximity to one another. The nodes used in this web are varied, but all use surface ornamentation to reach a deeper understanding and connection for everyone who interacts with them. The inspiration for these systems comes from the decorative expression created by graffiti artists. Using symbolism, direct likenesses, and striking colors, graffiti enriches the built environment, and ”Live Wired” aims to do the same.
The MTA Skyway, Bodega Broadcast Network, MTA m.i.c., Yankee Game-View Mirror, and the Concourse Connection website all work to facilitate specific avenues of communication. All of these comprise an overall schema for the concourse: a person-to-person infrastructure that also applies to the relationship between the Concourse and the rest of the world.
The emphasis is on residents and their use of these systems to reach out to each other, cultivating chance interactions between individuals who might otherwise never meet. The residents of the concourse (not the systems) are the focus of and provide the content for this virtual infrastructure. They share information with each other and govern when and how to use this nervous system, which is there for the sole purpose of connecting them to one another.