Inner Space

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Submitted by

Jason Kentner and Karen Lewis, influx studio
Columbus, OH


Inner Space considers the Grand Concourse from the scale of the city and infrastructure while engaging the project in a locally-systemic way. The proposal creates dynamic public spaces from the architectural and street typologies of the concourse itself, allowing residential life to more actively define the life of the street.


Inner Space aims to provide a model for intervention through both architecture and landscape that allows for large-scale and long-term changes to be shaped by immediate and local strategies. The project develops three typological proposals for common conditions identified along and within the Grand Concourse. The typologies of "The Strip", "The Corner" and "The Notch" allow for the project to simultaneously consider how the Grand Concourse relates to the city, the neighborhood and the individual and how it can provide space and utility for each. By utilizing a locally-systemic design approach or philosophy the proposal is able to be immediately transformative while remaining dynamic and relevant to the future, whether initiated as a whole or through individual pilot-projects.

The Strip uses materials as traffic-calming devices and establishes a clear sense of hierarchy in the auto-dominated landscape by articulating areas for crossing and more robust pedestrian zones in the secondary or "strip" roads that are immediate to the residential and retail blocks.

The Corner uses modest architecture and landscape insertions to facilitate programs that bring the community together. By making use of prominent locations as well as utilizing marginalized sites the community can be rapidly defined and redefined around programs that create a kind of temporary urbanism such as car washes, book sales, markets, parades and performances.

The Notch works to blur the lines between public and private spaces on the Concourse, inviting residential activity to be part of the street by organizing and giving form to existing activities.