Greened Concourse

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Submitted by

Hyun-Bum Jung and Young-Hwan Choi, Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea


Today, the the most important issue in urban design is how to make an eco-friendly city. We suggest a green tower above Grand concourse which purifies the pollution itself, and also supports the cities infrastructure. This Green concourse will be the beginning of this - friendly movement in Bronx.


In the 20th century, Grand Concouse was the beginning of the development of Bronx. First, it was design to access to large parks from Manhattan. Then, during the 20th century, based on the transit options of Grand concouse Bronx had an development boom and became a beautiful city.
However, these days, some problems related with infrastructure has occurred. The new tower on Grand concourse will be the beginning of the new eco-development spreading out in Bronx that also supports the infrastructure.