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Submitted by

Vincent Lavergne, Jeremy Nadau, Mathieu Lavergne, and Remi Mendes, Nadau Lavergne architects
Paris, France


Today devitalized by cars, we propose to revegetate the Grand Concourse all the way long. Intensify the ground by a streetcar. Open the roofs connected one to another to a new public space giving an other felt of space.
Make the Grand Concourse a moving landscape by extrapoling existing infrastructure.


The Grand Boulevard and Concourse is a huge valley surrounded by art deco cliffs, dried up by the constant flow of rumbling cars.

We propose to revegetate it completely and project a virtual print of Central Park all over the Grand Concourse’s roofs and ground.

Since our century has to come to ends with excessive urban sprawl, it seems essential to extrapolate the existing : by opening the roofs to pedestrian circulation, using connecting green footbridges, the roofs would become extended public place.
Future space can move on from ground level, the amenities can now be placed on the roofs too, allowing traditional public space up on the new spaces such as cafes, schools, art galleries, offices, shops, agricultural greenhouses, etc.

The boulevard will be completely reorganized around a streetcar, an effective vector of urbanization and intensification of urban traffic, conceived for pleasure and necessity due to urban activities.
The main square will be pedestrian. Road traffic divided by two.

Grand Concourse could be the consecration of a moving landscape.